Welcome to the Green Ginger Fellowship!

We’re a group of experienced professionals with over forty years of experience in researching and investigating urban myths, local legends and the weird and wonderful.

Our current investigations are around the crates found in an underground vault near Land of Green Ginger earlier this year; contact us through Facebook or twitter if you see or know anything that might help us.

Act III – The Longhill Burn

At nightfall on 15 July, we gathered for music, dancing, surprises and the lighting of a huge and beautiful bonfire…

Act II – The Gold Nose of Green Ginger

Visit the legendary Gold Nose of Green Ginger, now at Hull History Centre. 

Did you visit The Gold Nose during it’s residency at North Point Shopping Centre? Let us know what you thought by filling this survey in.

Act 1 – 7 Alleys

Find out what we discovered on the search for the 7 Alleys. 

The Story

If you’re just joining us, catch up with the story so far…