The Gold Nose of Green Ginger

Good evening everyone!

On Saturday, we waved farewell to The Gold Nose of Green Ginger as it began its journey to a residency at Hull History Centre. So; where does one begin to document the events of the past two months? The Gold Nose brought a great deal of intrigue, conversation and heart to a lot of people, and I don;t mind admitting I was struggling to put this into words.

Thankfully, Jean has recently undertaken a writing class as part of her birthday resolutions (every year we try and learn something new), so she saw fit to pen a poem about the discovery of The Nose and its journey thus far. I think this explains it all much better than I could manage, and with a great deal more sophistication. Without further ado:


by Jean O’Brien


Found in a ginger-smelling crate, The Nose first came to light.

Made of gold, from who knows where, its legend burning bright.

Some say it travelled from the East, on cargo ships of spice.

Some say The Wild Boar turned it up, a fateful throw of dice.

Some say its filled with magic to bring good luck to all,

While others claim coincidence, where fortune dares to fall.

First spoken of in Bransholme’s build, some fifty years back now,

When unsuspecting workmen found a casket in the ground.

They pulled it up and found within, The Gold Nose lying there,

A legendary artefact of warm and golden glare.

It lasted merely days under the widespread media eye

Before it disappeared again, though no one knows quite why.

Adrift in mists of legend’s sprawl, the treasure was thought lost –

(or taken by light-fingers at the general public’s cost).

And so The Nose slipped once again from general interest,

considered urban myth, a joke, a tale of mere spindrift;

Until the smell of ginger started flowing through the air,

No obvious origin, save for the large crate standing there.

When we started to investigate, we found nestled inside,

an odd-shaped object gleaming bright, with shop fittings beside.

We ran a competition asking people what they thought,

With answers like some gold ginger? A fairy boat? A cot?

And someone even guessed it, the answer left to linger –

Could it be? Of course it could! The Gold Nose of Green Ginger!

And after that, the interest went straight up through the roof

With disbelief that urban myth could turn out to be truth.

So North Point got in touch and asked if they could be the host

And bring the treasure home and display it for two months.

We agreed, and took them up on their extremely kindly offer

And started to move in to the shop unit that they proffered.

On June 17, a special day, a horse and carriage brought

The Nose Guardian, two assistants and The Gold Nose to the door,

And solemnly they processed with The Gold Nose on a pole

To tell the world the legendary treasure had come home.

There it stayed for two whole months –  62 gold days –

And opened up its doors for folk to visit, wish and stay.

With nose-themed crafts, a story time and lessons in nose flute,

Tea and biscuits, live concerts and nose parties to boot!

 But most importantly perhaps, the public made their wishes,

And found the secret pocket to take time out and just listen.

 It didn’t take too long for tales of good luck to come through,

Bingo wins, good school reports and lottery scoops accrued.

Some quite specific, others broad; all wished for different things,

Hoping that The Gold Nose would see fit to give them wings.

The Gold Nose of Green Ginger space brought chat and heart and fun,

But sadly after two months, the time to move had come.  

On a Saturday in August, they solemnly processed

Once more, The Gold Nose through North Point, to its new place of rest.

 A short bus ride surrounded by keen well-wishers and friends,

A fitting farewell party to mark a happy end.

And surrounded by some special guests of all denominations,

Hull History Centre took The Nose amid great celebration.

The Lord Mayor welcomed it for safekeeping in the city

And thanked The Nose Guardian before the welcoming committee.

For The Gold Nose wouldn’t be so safe without all her attention,

And that of her assistants, and the volunteers who ventured

Into the Nose Space every week, five days out of seven,

And followed it right to the end, to its brand new location.

So there it stands for all to see and make their wishes on;

The Gold Nose of Green Ginger, bringing hope and good fortune.

Who knows what lies in store for it? Adventures to explore,

For now we’re just glad that it’s here, at long last lost no more.



August 2017