The Sprawling Micropolis

Published by Antony O’Brien.
06 October 2017

The most exciting, quite extraordinary news.

As we reported yesterday, we were informed of a Land of Green Ginger mark appearing outside the gates of Springhead Pumping Station and a light in the top tower that no-one could recall having seen before.

We got in touch with Yorkshire Water, who very kindly humoured our concerns and agreed to let us into the Pumping Station to investigate further. Thank goodness they did! What a discovery!

It would appear that a huge community of tiny people has been beavering away right under our very noses, taking the rubbish we discard and using it to build a sprawling city of their own.

Hotels, restaurants, gyms, butchers shops…it’s all there, inhabited by a thriving community; a miniature version of our own world, built within the Pumping Station over – what? Years? Perhaps even decades.

This can surely only be a fifth Act of Wanton Wonder, and one you simply have to see to quite believe. Let us know if you’re able to join us.