The Story So Far

Six Acts of Wanton Wonder from Land of Green Ginger discovered this year. Explore one below:

Act VI – Land of Green Ginger Unleashed Giants, beasts and creatures of all forms left the Land of Green Ginger to roam the streets of Hull’s Old Town. 


Act V: Micropolis The doors to Springhead Pumping Station opened for a fortnight, allowing us to explore a bustling city in perfect miniature. 


Act IV: Re-Rediffusion’s Voice ParkWe played with the collective power of Hull’s voice, and helped Re-Rediffusion in their quest to find the elusive Essence de Voix.


Act III – The Longhill Burn – At nightfall on 15 July, we gathered together for music, dancing, surprises and the lighting of a huge and beautiful bonfire…


Act II – The Gold Nose of Green Ginger – Read about the journey of The Gold Nose, from discovery to North Point Shopping Centre to Hull History Centre. 


7 Alleys

Act 1 – 7 Alleys – Find out what we discovered on the search for the 7 Alleys.