The Story So Far

Have you seen Richard and Pauline’s video on our homepage? They could have talked for hours about the investigations in the Land of Green Ginger crates and the Acts of Wanton Wonder so far, but we managed to keep them as brief as we could!

If you’re as fascinated as we are, there’s more detail here – and please feel free to explore each individual Act below.


7 Alleys

Act 1 – 7 Alleys – Find out what we discovered on the search for the 7 Alleys.


Act II – The Gold Nose of Green Ginger – Read about the journey of The Gold Nose, from discovery to North Point Shopping Centre to Hull History Centre. 


Act III – The Longhill Burn – At nightfall on 15 July, we gathered together for music, dancing, surprises and the lighting of a huge and beautiful bonfire…


Act IV: Re-Rediffusion’s Voice ParkWe played with the collective power of Hull’s voice, and helped Re-Rediffusion in their quest to find the elusive Essence de Voix.