How do you become a Nose Guardian’s assistant?

Published by The Green Ginger Fellowship.
12 August 2017

We can’t believe The Gold Nose of Green Ginger is only on display at North Point Shopping Centre for one more week – it’s gone so quickly! After the piece in the Hull Daily Mail earlier this week with Jade, The Nose Guardian, Allison went to have chat with Jess Aylen to find out how she ended up as one of The Nose Guardian’s Assistants, what her job’s about and what she’s enjoyed most over the past two months.

Why did you want to become a Nose Guardian’s Assistant?

I guess because it was such an intriguing and unusual thing to be a part of. I love working in the community and Jade, The Nose Guardian, is actually my best friend.

We’ve known each other for 13 years now after meeting while we were studying at Wyke College, and I really wanted to support her at The Gold Nose of Green Ginger. I’ve also worked in Bransholme previously and love the community spirit here.

What’s been your best moment of The Gold Nose of Green Ginger so far?

There’s been so many. The opening procession in June was fantastic and really exciting because it was new to everyone – it’s not every day you get to walk around Bransholme with a tray of noses!

I really love the lunchtime concerts we’ve been hosting and the clarinet quartet in particular was very uplifting.

On a personal level, it’s been incredible to work alongside our costume designer. He made all of the costumes for The Gold Nose of Green Ginger – which are incredible – using paper pleating techniques. I’ve been so excited to learn some of his amazing skills and start to conquer some of the designs.

We’ve made so many friends and heard so many stories over the past couple of months. Just last week, a gentleman brought all of his metal detecting finds from all over Europe in to show us. And Mary, one of our regular visitors, is a joy. She’s been coveting our hats so we made her a similar miniature version, a bit like a fascinator.

What are the main qualities you need to be a Nose Guardian’s assistant?

Difficult one! I’d say practicality, because we have to manage all of the day-to-day background logistics of The Gold Nose of Green Ginger, the stuff that people don’t always see.

It’s also really important to be friendly and creative, because it’s so hands-on and we end up making a lot of different things.

What advice would you give someone who wants to be a Nose Guardian’s assistant?

Learn as much as you can about The Nose (or noses in general) and come and visit us! We’re here until Friday 18 August, so if there’s anything you want to know and you think this might be a career choice for you in the future, we’re more than happy to answer questions and give any advice.

What’s next for you?

I’ve got a lot of regular jobs I do every year. When The Nose is returned back to Hull for safekeeping, I’ll hang up my Nose Guardian Assistant’s hat and work on a winter parade in Lincolnshire.

You never know, maybe I’ll even have a bit of a break after our closing ceremony on August 19!

The Gold Nose of Green Ginger Leaving Procession will be taking place from 11am next Saturday – please join us to say goodbye and wish the third Act of Wanton Wonder well on the next part of its adventure (and visit before Friday if you want to make any last-minute wishes, share any secrets or speak to The Nose Guardian and her assistants). Opening hours for the space are here.

Tally :)x